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Floor Care, Carpet Care & Restoration

Floorcare is often the backbone of what we provide to our customers.  A clean floor says a lot about how you care for your employees, customers, and the health and safety of anyone in your building.  Floors are frequently the most neglected aspect of their buildings and yet its the impressionable part of most facilities.  Additionally it's also a major source of where dirt, dust as well as germs and viruses lay to rest.  Taking care of your floor the right way may be a cost to the bottom line, but when it comes to health and safety, not following proper floor care guidelines can be much more costly.  


Hard Floor Maintenance

Hard floors come in all different shapes and types,  We provide the solution for caring for almost any floor type out there.  We work within the policies prescribed by the manufacturer to create the best result and keep your floor's warranty intact and looking good.  We cover the following, waxing, polishing, deep extraction, auto-scrubbing, burnishing, seal coating, sealant removal, medical-grade disinfecting, spray buffing, and all other maintenance needs for your hard floor surfaces.


Carpet Care and Cleaning 

We provide solutions for all types of carpeting from low pile commercial grade to complex carpets that require meticulous cleaning standards.  We offer solutions that also keep you within budget so that you can keep up with regular maintenance.  The APFM team is dedicated to making sure that the right solution for your carpet cleaning needs is found.  We offer, deep extraction, bonnet cleaning, and portable high-speed brush extractors as the solution for keeping your carpets, clean and environmentally compliant


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