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Facility Solutions
for Your Industry


We take care of all Office Class types, from Class A - C buildings to High Rise buildings.  We strive to provide the best service for your office, while giving you the peace of mind of staying on top of all the details along the way, we want to go above and beyond for you!

Light Industrial and Warehouse

Light Industrial and Warehouse cleaning and maintenance can be complicated and tricky.  We work with our clients to roadmap the best course of action to provide a robust maintenance plan that tackles the areas you want us to handle.  Safety and Compliance is very important when negotiating these settings, so we work with you to keep up with your expectations and guidelines.

Manufacturing (office only)

Manufacturing and Production can also be very complicated and tricky.  With these facilities tending to have many nuances and conditions, we work to tailor a scope of work that touches the points of your facility that you need to be addressed and are mission-critical to keeping your building as clean and your employees as healthy as possible

Government Facilities

We are work with local, state and up to the Federal level on most Classes of offices and Secure facilities.  We provide solutions for highly technical situations within these facilities and strive to maintain them to the standard that the various agencies require.

Restaurants and Movie Theatres

Restaurants and Movie theatres often require the most attention, they also often require 7 days per week service.   We work with our teams to meet the high demands of these facility types and also work on a crew rotation that doesn't burn the crew's out.  We feel communication between the client and ourselves is mission-critical to success and a long term relationship.  We also provide many of the extra services that are required to keep your facility polished and ready for customers!

Car Dealerships and other Dealerships

We work with Dealerships to provide solutions that cut costs and still meet the demands of cleanliness and customer satisfaction.  We understand that value and pricing can often be a determining factor for working in this sector, so we carefully align ourselves with the customer to get the most accomplished while meeting the bottom line.  Let one of our Team members help you on your next bid.  

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